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The search

All right. Your quest is started because you have chosen an agency and you’ll know what rent you can afford to pay. Good, but your budget is only the beginning of the trip. Now you need to decide in which part of the city you want to live. And also, what specific features does your condo need to have:

How many bedrooms do you need, ground floor or not, furnished, upholstered or unfurnished, modern or more classic interior, at which distance from your work, do you need storage, space for your bicycle or car, do you have pets, do you want to pay your utility bills yourself or not, are you afraid of mice.

The point is, the more specific you formulate your wishes, the less chance there is that you view accommodation that do not meet your needs. So the less chance there is that you’re wasting your time. Take the trouble and be specific. This will save a lot of time.

Once you’ve registered, we will contact you to discuss your requirements and see which properties are available. In consultation we organize a viewing-route along suitable properties.


Whatever you are looking for, from a studio to a villa, a houseboat or a living-working space to fully equipped office premises, we will help you to find a new space. Register now.

What does it cost?

When, after a home search with you, we have found a suitable living or working space for you we charge a month’s rent (ex. VAT) for services rendered. We gladly inform you more about the ins and outs of our services.

If our service is only limited to the drafting of a lease, we will charge a contract-fee of €. 350, – ex VAT.

Fixed charges on top of the monthly rent.

Gas, electricity, water and internet:

The prices advertised by us on our website do not include the costs of gas, electricity, water and internet. During the ‘check-in’, we write down the readings on the ‘check-in-report’ and we help you subscribe at the utility companies. Monthly payments are based on estimated consumption. Each year you will receive an annual statement, on the basis of your personal use. If necessary the yearly amount is revised. You may receive a refund if your use of the previous year has been lower than the estimated consumption or you will receive an extra note if you have used more then the estimated consumption. The consumption of gas, water and electricity is highly dependent on your individual needs and habits.

TV and Internet:

Connection for internet and T. V. is always possible and the costs will depend on the speed of your connection and on what kind of subscription you want: how many and which channels do you want to have access to?

Taxes from the municipality:

In the Netherlands anyone with a fixed address pays municipal taxes. These taxes are not tied to a house, but to you as a resident of, for example, Amsterdam.

All households are obliged to pay the following Municipal Tax:

Water Board Levy (water tax, not to be confused with the payment of your use of water), environmental taxes, including sewer lift (polution levy) and waste disposal (refuse tax).

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