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Whatever your requirements and wishes for your home or workplace are, we dedicate the years of accumulated knowledge, combined with a personal approach to helping you with suitable accommodation. We are aware of and know legislation, financing, valuation and appraisal, inspection criteria, the dutch scoring system for rental prices, measurement standards, and many other aspects of real estate.

Find a home

The quest starts when you have contacted us about your needs and preferences, or if you have filled in the contact form. Once the search has been defined our network of fellow agencies and private and professional property owners are at your disposal. We propose to you a list of suitable properties from which you can choose the ones which meet your needs. Then we arrange viewings for the chosen properties which you, possibly with family and/or friends, want to visit. We help you to make the right decision.

After you have chosen a property where you want to live we guide you through the whole process, starting with the (price) negotiations until the actual check in and handover of the keys. This so you can be sure that you established a proper contract that meets Dutch legislation.

At RRE we know that each “house tour” is different. A successful stay in the Netherlands depends a lot on your living situation and therefore our ability to arrange the best possible accommodations within the budget specified by you.

Property search is customized work. Our experience and local knowledge enable us to find suitable accommodation for you and provide you with the positive support that you need.

Whether it’s for one person, for couples, for a family, for a group of employees of a company, we start from your wishes, the guidelines of the company, within the set budget.

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