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‘Burden becomes joy”

‘It needs no looking after ’

‘Optimalisation of return’

You‘re the owner and you are tired of the hassle. If you let us take over all your troubles will be a thing of the past. Whatever your location, whatever your age … we will take all your troubles away. And we are sure that we can save you money.

Management, with that extra touch…

At Rotonda Real Estate owners of real estate come first. And we treat them well, as is shown by the fact that in our 18-years’ existence not a single owner has left us for another agency.

We are aware of the fact that your real estate is an important component of your wealth. And more than anyone else we realise that this part of your estate demands care and attention. Close attention, after all, will ensure you a long-lasting and decent return.

We will be pleased to undertake the commercial, financial and technical management of your property on the operational level, to which we will add our unique value. We will also be pleased to use our experience in various real estate projects and management to advise you with regard to investment and disinvestment and to help you formulate a policy regarding real estate objects, which will answer questions such as:  is your real estate still suitable for the purpose it was originally bought for, is it still profitable, et cetera.

We keep our knowledge and expertise up to date. Therefore you will experience that management pays off but is not costly. Management is done by human beings and consists of a wide range of activities. We are well aware that meeting deadlines and managing expectations is of great influence on delivering the quality you are anxious to see.