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Renting out

You are the owner of one or more properties or industrial premises, which you would like to rent out for a number of years. Rotonda Real Estate specializes in temporary and permanent letting, with more than twenty years experience, an extensive network of renters and thorough knowledge of rent law and regulations.

Rotonda Real Estate

  • Offers you an advisory talk without obligation about the possibilities and terms and conditions of letting and advice about the rent (see FAQ).
  • Sees to bringing your property to the notice of possible candidates, both on our own website and on partner sites such as Pararius and Funda, on which only estate agents advertise, and through our colleagues’ network.
  • Sees to finding and selecting potential renters. We always present a candidate to you allowing you to decide about letting out the property to this specific candidate.
  • Sees to viewings of the property/industrial premises by potential candidates.
  • Sees to drawing up a detailed contract, inspection of your property, an inspection report and the signing of the inventory list and photographs.

What are the costs?

The advisory talk is free of obligation. When we have found you a new renter, you pay us only once 4% of the annual rent and every subsequent year of rent by the same renter 2% of the annual rent. We will be pleased to inform you about the possibilities. If you register the property which you plan to let with us directly, we will contact you.

Apart from finding you a renter for your property, we can also support you in technical (maintenance and repairs) and financial management (collecting, checking and forwarding the rent and the upkeep of the object), in redeveloping existing objects and in investing in and developing new buildings for rental or other uses.

More information about real estate management through Rotonda Real Estate can be found here.