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What we do

Primarily we rent out rental homes for owners. Most of these homes are suitable for foreign employees of companies (expats). But we do other things as well. We also rent out homes in the social sector, and we manage real estate (Rotonda Real Estate Management) as well as building projects (Rotonda Real Estate Management). All this we do for both big and small owners of real estate. Apart from this we buy and sell real estate. In short, we have a thorough knowledge of and are acquainted with several aspects of the real estate business.

First and foremost we offer good-quality homes. This is important, we think. Living pleasure of tenants comes first. Besides this, we also value a good relationship with house hunters, tenants and owners. This results in an atmosphere in which both tenants and owners experience the advantages of the arrangement as much as possible and hardly any of the disadvantages.

RRE is a qualified real estate agency and is certified by the municipality. Our portfolio consists of a wide range of homes in and around Amsterdam.

We take good care of the real estate that is entrusted to us. This means that we see to good maintenance and, if necessary, renovate. To this end Rotonda Real Estate Management was established, from which we regularly supervise building projects from concept to completion.

What we guarantee

Offering and finding living space of good quality in and around Amsterdam. This is what we are and will be good at.  Now and in the future.

Our ambitions are:

  • Providing nice and comfortable homes.
  • Homes of outstanding quality.
  • We are well aware of your wishes, but in return we expect you to stick to arrangements.
  • We aim at financial continuity.
  • We always put the interests of tenants and owners first.

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